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Remember those days of placing a disposable camera on each of the wedding tables? Also remember the poor quality of images often produced. The Pixel+ HD photobooth is really a 21st-century solution offering autofocus digital SLR HD images.
(not a webcam) With the absence of a photographer pointing a camera in your face you will find photobooth images are far more spontaneous and often include those relatives who are reluctant to be photographed. 


The Pixel+ HD photobooth
is perfect for corporate functions. The booth itself can be branded for any occasion and offers business the opportunity to also brand the photo strip with any corporate logo/artwork. This offers business a rare opportunity enabling their guests to leave a function with HD quality photographs, corporate branding and great memories. The Pixel+ HD photobooth also allows green screen photography. This high-tech feature allows us to superimpose any background to the photography be it scenery, corporate or business artwork - the choices are unlimited. Call us to discuss your opportunity to exploit the Pixel+ HD photobooth


The Pixel+ HD photobooth makes a great addition to any party or gathering. 18's, 21st, 50th name it, great memories can be captured in HD and become permanent mementos of the event. Photo strips can be easily placed on fridge doors,pin boards, bedheads - literally anywhere as an instant reminder of a great night out. With the ability to brand the photo strip there is no limit to one's imagination when it comes to the graphics and artwork that can be incorporated. Make your next party memorable for all who attend with a take-home photo strip from Pixel+ HD photobooths
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